World Aquaculture Society

Official Supporter

The World Aquaculture Society is a global leader in aquaculture science, contributing to the growth and development of aquaculture. They serve as a primary facilitator of information exchange, technology transfer, policy development, education and communication between all sectors engaged in aquaculture. 

The World Aquaculture Society’s mission is to: 

  • Promote high-quality fundamental and applied research to advance aquaculture development worldwide
  • Promote technological innovations to encourage responsible growth of aquaculture
  • Provide an interface for the worldwide dissemination of educational and technical information on aquaculture
  • Hold conferences and workshops for the presentation, exchange and discussion of information and experiences on multiple disciplines, issues and techniques related to aquaculture
  • Create forums to facilitate information exchange between scientists and industry representatives within the aquaculture community
  • Promote the development of science based aquaculture-related policies
  • Publish high quality scientific information through a variety of media