High level government attend OMC 2017 Inauguration

OMC Day 1

OMC Day 1

The official inauguration of Offshore Mariculture 2017 played host to key members of Mexican government.

Among those in the presidium were the Mayor of Ensenada, Marco Antonio Novelo Osuna; Director General of INAPESCA and conference chairman, Pablo Arenas Fuentes; Flavio Diaz Miron Alvarez of SAGARPA; and the Governor of Baja California Francisco Arturo Vega de Lamadrid.

The inauguration speakers made reference to the great success that Baja California is already experiencing in the industry, as well as their potential for more. Flavio Diaz spoke of the need for a change of attitudes in the world of fish production, saying that the important thing was not that people are eating fish but instead that we know how to feed them, and it is the innovation in the aquaculture industry in Baja California that is allowing this.

The State Governor for Baja California, Francisco Vega de Lamadrid ended the inauguration with the official opening address of the conference. Vega de la Madrid thanked the local ministries INAPESCA, CONAPESCA, SEPESCA as well as the World Aquaculture Society for their support of the conference and expressed the honour that Mexico feels to be the first host outside of Europe. The Governor went on to say that he was most excited to hear the presentations from farms in the local area who have experienced great success in the aquaculture industry, which is particularly lucrative in Ensenada.

The support of these high level government players, both from fisheries ministries and mainstream government sets the tone for the calibre of speakers during the rest of this year’s Offshore Mariculture Conference.  

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