Why Corfu?

corfu corfu

Building on the foundations of 15 years of Offshore Mariculture Conferences in Europe and last year’s expansion into the Americas with the successful Mexico edition, the brand is now changing to reflect the industry in Europe.

The 2018 European edition of OMC will run under a new title High Energy Mariculture Europe, and will take place in Corfu, Greece. The conference last took place in Europe in 2016, with an event held in Barcelona, Spain which focused on the challenges and opportunities for moving to high energy or offshore sites.

Corfu, Greece has been chosen to host the first High Energy Mariculture Conference due to the fact that 69% of total fisheries production comes from farming, which accounts for 11% of total Greek agricultural exports. With the FAO estimating that human consumption of fish is expected to increase by up to 15% by 2030, coupled with depleting wild stocks, these percentages are set to rise in the coming years. Of the 1,045 aquaculture facilities in Greece, 36% are marine fish farm sites, meaning there is an excellent opportunity for suppliers to connect with farmers in this region.

The conference will provide senior stakeholders with a meeting place to learn about and address the vital components of the supply chain of medium/high volume production, ranging from hatchery to farming to the value added and distribution network of the final product. It is a must attend event for equipment and service suppliers, senior executives, development directors and investors in the aquaculture sector as well as operators within the processing and value-added chain through to export associations. Restructuring the aquaculture sector has led to the governmental implementation of various strategies aimed at doubling the Greek aquaculture sector’s production by 2030. Efforts to double production will open possibilities for expanding existing operations, creating partnerships and creating new ventures.

For more information and to book your place today, contact the team on +44 1329 825335 or email conferences@offshoremariculture.com.