FITCO confirmed as Gold Sponsor

fitco fitco

The gold sponsorship for the High Energy Mariculture has been confirmed by FITCO S.A. who recognize the importance of this event in Corfu.

Fitco SA (100% subsidiary of Halcor SA) is an industrial company specializing in copper alloy processing for over thirty-five years. Continuous investment in research and know-how allows the company to create innovative new products, which makes Fitco a market leader.

The company production plant, situated at Inofyta- Greece, occupies over a 58.000 square meter site and processes copper alloy semi-finished products for industrial and architectural applications. Continuous investment in research and know-how enables the company to create innovative products, supporting its aim of being a market leader. Their interest in Aquaculture includes copper alloy wire and net for cage farming.

Fitco is dedicated to achieving high quality, aiming at the total satisfaction its customers’ needs, in more than thirty countries worldwide. For more information, visit their website

The High Energy Mariculture Conference provides an exceptional platform for your company to market itself through our varied sponsorship packages. It brings all the benefits of your brand being associated with premium content in a face-to-face leadership environment.

There are a range of options available to suit any budget. The full selection will be available to view here.

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