Scene set for HEM

Fish farming the fastest growing and most dynamic protein sector.

Conference chairman Langley Gace, Fitco’s Vasilis Gontez and Beyhan de Jong of Rabobank all spoke on the common theme of innovation and growth in their opening addresses setting the tone for the conference over the next two days.

A respected leader in the industry, conference chair, Langley Gace, is the Senior Vice President of InnovaSea Systems. Langley spoke about how the boundaries of technology, processes and operation are constantly be evolved by those in the sector. The innovation highlighted by Langley included feed and health, site selection and future of farming cages allowing further moves into open water.

Langley was followed by Vasilis Gontez, General Manager, Fitco S.A, High Energy Mariculture’s gold sponsor. Vasilis highlighted the need for increasing food production and the important role fish farming is playing. He covered the emerging processes being used in enhancing cage technology and how proud Fitco were to be associated with this week’s conference in Corfu.

Concluding the session was Beyhan de Jong. A leading analyst at Rabobank’s Food & Agribusiness Research department, focusing on the global seafood sector covering aquaculture, wild catch, seafood trade, and alternative proteins.

Beyhan has authored reports on the effects of the US/China trade war on the seafood trade, the outcomes from the Brussels Seafood Expo Global, innovation in aquaculture feed and on wider aquaculture trends.

Her presentation highlighted that innovation was taking place across all aspects of the industry – from end-to-end of the process. Including how over $100m is being invested in different feed types based on algae, insects and bacterial proteins and increased use of IT and cage monitoring echoing Langley’s presentation.

Full videos of the conference keynotes will be available on the World Fishing & Aquaculture YouTube page in the coming days.

Live coverage of High Energy Mariculture Conference can be found on Twitter @world_fishing and proceedings of the conference will be available to purchase post event.