Keynotes confirmed

Key presentations to set the scene for the two-day High Energy Mariculture Conference.

Dr Beyhan de Jong and Langley Gace will open this year’s event in Corfu.

Dr Beyhan de Jong’s keynote will focus on ‘Factors of change in the global aquaculture industry’.

She is a leading analyst at Rabobank’s Food & Agribusiness Research department, focusing on the global seafood sector covering aquaculture, wild catch, seafood trade, and alternative proteins.

Dr de Jong has authored reports on the effects of the US/China trade war on the seafood trade, the outcomes from the Brussels Seafood Expo Global, innovation in aquaculture feed and on wider aquaculture trends.

Langley Gace is the senior vice president of InnovaSea, a technology and services company producing innovative, environmentally-focused sustainable solutions for the aquaculture industry. InnovaSea’s technology is used by Open Blue (Panama), Earth Ocean Farms (Mexico) and Blue Ocean Mariculture (Hawaii).

Having worked in aquaculture technology development for high performance fish pens, operating equipment, support services and copper cages, Langley now leads business development at InnovaSea.

His keynote will cover the history and future of High Energy Open Ocean Aquaculture.

Setting the scene at HEM these two speakers will look at the broader aquaculture sector and will be followed by seven conference sessions which will look at the detail of operating in high energy waters.

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