Hear ways to develop and invest in your business

Session 4 to look at pricing, insurance and site selling.

Across 7 sessions, the High Energy Mariculture conference will look at all aspects of fish farming operations. On day two there will be a focus on how you can develop the your farm business. The speakers include:

  • Dominique Aviat, Associate Expert, A.N.D International who will explain how price transmission is being modelled for Sea Bass in the EU and how you can use this information to maximise your product’s value;
  • Cedric Audor, Aquaculture Dept, GUIAN SA will be covering the importance of insuring your farm; and,
  • Katherine Hawes Principal Solicitor & Barrister, Aquarius Lawyers will join the conference by video-link from Australia. Katherine will be covering how regulation will govern how sea sites may be sold, giving the opportunity to make revenue from moving or trading sites.

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