Focus for day two

Four sessions to conclude the conference and complete the end-to-end view.

Day two will open with a session looking at business development and investment.

Speakers will consider the need for aquaculture insurance, to protect against any unforeseen issues, how analysis can help farmers maximise their fish value through the supply chain and how farming sites may be traded and sold like those on land.

Sites are a focus for session 5, where aspects for site selection will be discussed. Geospatial analysis (another emerging innovation in the sector) will highlight how the best operational site can be selected. A real-life case study of site selection challenges will be presented by Donna Lanzetta, CEO and founder of Manna Fish Farm, the only open water fish farm on the US Atlantic coast. The session will conclude with Ioanna Argyrou discussing the Development of Aquaculture. Legislation and Site Restrictions in Greece.

After the networking lunch, the afternoon sessions will be concentrated around fish hatcheries breeding and genetics and fish feed and health. The hatcheries, breeding and genetics session will discuss the research being conducted to ensure fish are more disease resistant, how Greece’s Selonda have become industry leaders in fry production and how farmers can ensure juvenile health.

The final session will consider further site selections issues and how this can influence fish health. Presentations will also highlight the development of fish feed and vaccinations to bring the conference to a close and completing the end-to-end focus in Corfu.

Live coverage of High Energy Mariculture Conference continues throughout day two on Twitter @world_fishing and proceedings of the conference will be available to purchase post event.