Day one to start looking at end-to-end fish farming

Technology, operations and maximising use and value in focus.

Following on from the opening of the conference session one will highlight technology for high energy operations. Speakers will present from European Aquaculture Technology & Innovation Platform, Badinotti Group S.p.A, SmartFarms AS, Wieland Group, AquaManager and Hellenic Copper Development Institute.

Following the networking lunch, session two will focus on four farms from Greece, Turkey and Israel, producing over 40,000 tonnes from nearly 100 operating cages. They will talk about their processes, the challenges they have overcome and the successes they have achieved.

The presentation sessions will conclude with speakers highlight the various ways that operators can improve the value of their product by achieving certification and standards, by processing and by maximising the use of the farmed fish – with Icelandic leaders Matis highlighting what they are doing to cod to minimise waste and how this can be used with other species.

Live coverage of High Energy Mariculture Conference continues throughout the conference on Twitter @world_fishing and proceedings of the conference will be available to purchase post event.