Aquaculture “no-longer a novelty”

Key conclusion drawn after two days in Corfu.

Conference chairman Langley Gace concluded two brilliant days of discussions in Corfu with his closing comments, highlighting the progress the industry has made since the first Offshore Mariculture (the previous name for High Energy Mariculture). At the first conference, “open-ocean” aquaculture was just a concept and, this week, 10 farms and representatives from over 20 nations met to discuss the full end-to-end process of offshore.

Collaboration, a key point from day one, was also at the forefront of day two’s discussion with Langley challenging the insurance providers, farm operators and technology providers to work together to better understand and mitigate risk following on from the business development session earlier in the day.

Innovation was another theme which spanned the two conference days with the second day highlighting the further innovations in breeding and fish feed to help maintain fish health and avoid disease.

Concluding, Langley reaffirmed the role the aquaculture industry is playing in securing food availability as the demand for food and protein in the next 50 years exceeds what has ever been required before.

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