World Aquaculture Society confirm their support for OMC Asia 2018

WAS Asian Pacific Chapter WAS Asian Pacific Chapter

Global leaders in aquaculture science, The World Aquaculture Society Asian Pacific Chapter, have confirmed their support of Offshore Mariculture 2018.

The Asian Pacific Chapter of the World Aquaculture Society strives to contribute to the progressive and sustainable development of aquaculture throughout the world. It forms part of an international network of Professionals with a strong commitment to excellence in science, technology and education.

The World Aquaculture Society themselves are the global leaders in aquaculture science. Serving as a primary facilitator of information exchange, technology transfer, policy development, and communication between all sectors engaged in Aquaculture, they contribute to the growth and development of Aquaculture worldwide.

Marine fish production in Southeast Asia has huge potential for growth due to a regional preference for seafood, declining wild captures and a desire to further develop seafood export markets. The regional industry is looking to adopt different approaches, for example, the Singapore government has announced their plan for a 9% increase in local contribution of quality farmed fish, the Indonesian government has invested in the creation of three offshore cage demonstration sites and the Vietnamese industry is targeting a ‘modest’ increase of marine fish production to 1MMT by 2030.

OMC Asia will be the perfect meeting place for those interested in learning about and investing in industrial marine fish operations. It is a dedicated forum to learn about the requirements to adopt in order to run successful productions like in Europe, South America and Australia.

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