OMC Asia 2018: Opening Session

OMC Asia 15-17 May OMC Asia 15-17 May

The Opening Session of the first Offshore Mariculture to take place in Southeast Asia kicked off with an in introduction by long standing supporter of OMC and Conference Chairman, Alessandro Lovatelli (FAO).

Colby Sutter, the Director of Aquaculture at USSEC introduced the audience to the U.S. Soybean Export Council and touched upon the soybean farming industry in the US, revealing that the farming community has been connected to aquaculture for the past 30 years, making this relationship by no means a new phenomenon.

The co-chair of the conference, Lukas Manomaitis, defined the main aim of OMC Asia as being the progression of the industry in the next 3-5 years, as opposed to the next 10-20. He went on to say that "Southeast Asia as a region is lagging behind when it comes to marine fish production”. This is due to the face that crucial links in the chain are missing, such as high-tech and large-scale production techniques.

The opening session ended with Keynote addresses from two speakers with deep roots in the aquaculture industry; Bjorn Myrseth, President of the European Aquaculture Society and Guillaume Drillet, President of the World Aquaculture Society Asia Pacific Chapter, emphasised the need to increase production by twice as much if we are to feed growing populations.

The presentations shared at this conference will be made available for participants, and those who didn’t manage to attend, to download in the coming weeks.