Have you ever seen a fish farmer do the conga?

Have you ever seen a fish farmer do the conga? Have you ever seen a fish farmer do the conga?

The Offshore Mariculture Conference dinner took place at the Riviera Cultural Centre in the beautiful old casino room.

Guests at the 7th Offshore Mariculture Conference enjoyed a night of offshore farmed fish cooked by award winning Chef, Giannina Gavaldon. Baja Seas, Pacifico Aquaculture and Baja Aqua Farms generously provided the fish, which were all expertly paired with locally sourced wines from the Santo Tomas Winery, the oldest in Baja California.

Baja Yellow Tail featured as a starter, its light, fresh taste enjoyed by all – this is definitely a fish to look out for on Sushi menus, with many commenting on its potential to become the next big thing during the conference.

Pacifico Striped Bass was served cured and smoked, emphasising its buttery, rich texture – yet another hit with guests, and another one to watch. Finally, Baja Aquafarms provided tuna steaks for the main course, which were served pink in the middle and expertly seared with a fine sesame crust.

The food showcased at the dinner evidenced the quality of the fish farmed  in Baja California and showed its potential to become a world class producer, if not leader in the industry.  

After several courses, with wine to go with them, guests were entertained by classical singers and musicians who wowed the audience with their vocal talents and traditional singing. When the band took to the stage to play Mariachi music with a modern twist, attendees rose from their seats and started a conga line. This was certainly the first conga we know of to have been composed entirely of aquaculturists, including the likes of Langley Gace of InnovaSea and Robert Orr of Cuna del Mar.

To say this conference has broken the curve is an understatement. The participants have presented about ground breaking innovation and the style of the conference has been heralded a success by attendees who enjoyed the balanced programme and the opportunity to catch up with old friends and make new ones.

This years conference is already shaping up to be a memorable one, and we’re only half way through.

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