FAO to chair Offshore Mariculture Asia

Alessandro Lovatelli, Regional Fisheries and Aquaculture Officer at the FAO, will be chairing the Offshore Mariculture Asia Conference, taking place at the Marina Mandarin in Singapore from the 15-17 May 2018.

This represents the 8th edition of the conference and the first of its kind to take place in the Southeast Asian region.

According to the FAO, Fisheries and aquaculture have the capacity – if supported and developed in a regulated and environmentally sensitive manner – to contribute significantly to improving the well-being of poor and disadvantaged communities in developing countries. Aquaculture also has the potential to contribute the achievement of several of the Millennium Development Goals, especially those related to poverty reduction and food and nutrition security, environmental protection and biodiversity.

Their mission is defined as strengthening global governance and emphasises their desire to lead consensus-building towards improved conservation and utilisation of aquatic resources.

The need for increasing the intensity and improving the approach of marine fish production per m2 in Southeast Asian waters was voiced by the FAO chairman at the 2016 OMC Europe Conference. In light of this, Singapore has been chosen to host the first edition of Offshore Mariculture Asia which will take place in association with the U.S. Soybean Export Council, USSEC.

OMC Asia will provide local attendees with the chance to learn from established operations in the countries who pioneered in this industry, such as those in the European region and allow international experts, equipment suppliers and investors the opportunity to meet the local stakeholders interested in moving to cage quality finfish production.

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