Exclusive footage of the conference opening session!

View footage of the Chairman's Welcome and Keynote Addresses, which opened the 5th Offshore Mariculture Conference in Naples, Italy on Wednesday, 9 April 2014.

Did you miss the opportunity to attend the 5th Offshore Mariculture Conference 2014?

If so, do not miss the video footage from the conference opening session, which took place on Wednesday 9 April in the Plaza Caserta Hotel. Footage includes:

  • Setting the scene for the Offshore Mariculture Conference 2014 Chairman Alessandro Lovatelli, Aquaculture Officer, Aquaculture Management and Conservation Service (FIRA), Fisheries and Aquaculture Department, FAO of the UN
  • The what, where and how much of offshore mariculture: global development opportunities from a spatial perspective José Aguilar-Manjarrez, Aquaculture Officer, FIRA and FAO, James McDaid Kapetsky, FAO Consultant and Jeff Jenness, FAO Consultant
  • International ocean policy developments and offshore aquaculture – global and regional actions affecting the future of your business Paul Holthus, founding President/CEO, World Ocean Council
  • Legal issues effecting offshore aquaculture development Katherine Hawes, Principal, Aquarius Lawyers “The Fish Lawyer”

Watch the footage here now!

Conference proceedings, including papers, presentations and biographies from all speakers are available to purchase and download here.

For further information and to find out how you can participate in the 6th Offshore Mariculture Conference, contact the Events team on +44 1329 825335 or email conferences@offshoremariculture.com.