Day 3 round-up: technical visits

Technical visits a great success Technical visits a great success

The final day of Offshore Mariculture Asia played host to two separate technical visits to the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore’s Marina Aquaculture Centre and Barramundi Asia’s nursery and sea cages.

The technical visits are a vital component of OMC Conferences because they allow attendees to experience first-hand the technology and techniques that have been covered in the conference room throughout the event.

The AVA provided tour members with an informative talk on all the work that the AVA project encompasses, followed by a visit to the hatchery facility to view the broodstock and fingerlings. Many attendees remarked that it was among the largest hatcheries they had visited and that their genetics programme was particularly impressive.

Barramundi Asia took participants on a tour of their nursery cages, showing the process from fingerling to full grown fish. Attendees then took a boat to their offshore cages and were able to ask questions to the team of experts on hand. Barramundi Asia is the only offshore farm located in the south of Singapore, with 99% of farms to the north of the island. Owner, Joep Kleine Staarman said that this was a risk they has paid off as his farm is situated in a way that its waters are not shared with any other farms,

We would like to thank the AVA and Barramundi Asia for their generosity and willingness to share their knowledge a high number of attendees looking to make the move offshore themselves.