Not sure what to expect from the conference?
Below are a few testimonials from delegates, speakers and sponsors:

Efficient and informative event. Good place to discuss with professionals of aquaculture business. Wieland Werre

A wonderful forum for practioners and researchers to share ideas and concepts to move the aquaculture industry forward. BIM

I found the 5th Offshore Mariculture Conference to be high quality. The conference space was friendly, experiences were shared and information was observed. Iranian Fisheries Research Organisation

This conference is a unique gathering of researchers, producers and technology suppliers committed to growing mariculture production. Four Links Marketing Ltd

Thank you. Thanks to the organising committee for their effort in organising this fruitful event. Canakkale University - Faculty of Marine Science and Technology

The conference has helped me to modify my opinion about the future of offshore systems. Before, OSM looked to me as a non sustainable. The presentations and the networking at OSM 2012 have proved to me that I was not right. Assuming certain developments take a logical path, the approach can be sustainable, i.e., viable in the long run financially, socially and envrionmentally. Moreover, it has the potential to become a form of very large scale aquaculture. National Center for Mariculture, Israel Oceanographic & Limnological Research Ltd

The conference is so important and valuable for determining to the world's future needings for feed. Camli / Pinar

Very interesting conference giving up to date information about the sector. Also a very good opportunity for networking.Institute for Sea Fisheries

The Offshore Mariculture conference is an important event that is facilitating the development of offshore mariculture including fish, molluscs & seaweed and surround issues of governance. AKVA Plan

OSM is a great opportunity to exchange information and to network with the industry professionals that attend from all over the world. ARDAG