Getting here

Please find below our suggestions for travel options to make your journey to the Offshore Mariculture Conference 2017 as simple as possible. 

Flying into Tijuana:

  • There is no airport in Ensenada but Tijuana International airport is just one and a half hours away by road. 
  • Ensenada has excellent bus connections to Tijuana airport in the north of Baja California.The busses depart at a frequency of approximately one per hour.
  • The Bus company is called 'ABC' and there is a bus terminal from which the ABC departs directly outside 'arrivals' at Tijuana airport. This would be the bus from AEROPUERTO to ENSENADA.
  • Alternatively if you are arriving in a group you could take a Taxi or an Uber as they are very economical - usual cost is about 900-1000 pesos (about 50 USD). 

Flying into San Diego:

  • Alternatively you could fly into San Diego, CA, and then cross the border at San Ysidro.
  • Shuttle service from San Diego International Airport is only offered to the local area so you would need to take a taxi / Uber to the border and then simply cross on foot.
  • Once in Baja California, follow the pedestrian path towards the main commerce district, the first thing you will see is tourist shops and taxis. 
  • Keep walking straight for another block; you’re headed to the Plaza Viva. You will soon see a McDonald’s to your left-hand side about a block ahead.
  • Once you get to the McDonald’s, make a left, which is south. You’ll walk less than a block and take the next right. 
  • Once you turn right, the bus station will be on your right-hand side about 20 meters ahead. 
  • This bus station, the ABC station, only goes to Ensenada, the service is called 'LA LINEA to ENSENADA'.
  • Alternatively you can rent a car at the airport and the drive will take a total of about 2 hours. This could prove more efficient if a group of you are travelling. 
  • Be aware that you will need to make ESTA preparations if you are an international visiting the States. Find more information on ESTA visas here. 

Arriving into Ensenada by bus:

  • If you arrive in Ensenada by bus, there is just one main bus terminal which makes things very simple. 
  • From the terminal, all hotels and the conference venue are just a short 10 minute trip by Taxi or Uber.
  • The bus timetables and booking is available on the link below. Remember, use the ABC bus service from 'La Linea' if you have arrived in San Diego and crossed the border on foot and 'Aeropuerto' if you are arriving at Tijuana airport.