Offshore Mariculture Conference is launching in the Americas

Panoramic Port of Ensenada

Panoramic Port of Ensenada

Offshore Mariculture Conference is launching in the Americas - Baja California, Mexico. The global aquaculture industry continues to be the fastest growing animal-food-producing sector, accounting for around half of all fish consumed in the world today.

The Offshore Mariculture Conference is being launched in the Americas, building on the success of its European sister events, and has secured support from both the Mexican National and Baja Regional Governments via their aquaculture departments – Inapesca and Sepesca.

This first event in the Americas is being held in Baja California, Mexico. The two and half day international conference will examine the progress and prospects for farming offshore and will focus on the Americas, including the latest legislation, technical advances and investment opportunities which effect the day to day running and profitability of the offshore farming business.

By the sheer breadth, diversity, productivity and quality of the water in the coastal lagoons and coastal Baja California region, aquaculture is recognised as an activity of strategic importance for economic, social and regional development, encouraging productive diversification, the creation of permanent sources of labour, and production of high nutritional quality food.

Fish farming companies, research organisations and suppliers looking to update themselves on the latest policies, products, research and case studies within the fin/shell fish and seaweed offshore farming industries will all be in attendance, together with investment companies and entrepreneurs looking to enter or invest in the region-specific market.

During the two and a half day technical conference, there will be ample networking opportunities including a welcome reception and conference dinner, and the conference will culminate in several technical visits to hatcheries, research laboratories and offshore farms. 

The soon to be released programme is scheduled to include sessions on:

  • The latest international developments in offshore mariculture including legislation, policies, strategies and developments
  • Business management investment, insurance and risk management, marketing, species choice, integration with seaweed/renewable energy systems, spatial planning and integrated coastal zone management
  • Overview of the latest developments in aquaculture: growing the wealth of aquaculture – perspectives and potential

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