Mariculture innovation key to our future

Offshore farming could eliminate the problems related to traditional aquaculture

Offshore farming could eliminate the problems related to traditional aquaculture

Mariculture’s importance for ensuring the continued availability of fish for human consumption is now widely accepted and companies are pursuing this challenge with the use of technological innovation.

The mariculture industry has undergone significant changes in recent years, perhaps most notably in the feed and equipment sectors. 

Mariculture projects aim to reduce the strain on world fisheries but problems can arise which end up doing more harm than good. The spread of disease, over harvesting of fish meal products, overuse of antibiotics and the pollution of water due to fish waste and decaying food products sinking to the bottom of farm cages are factors which effect productivity. 

In the wild, fish feed on algae and plants, such as seaweed, or on other fish. Providing substantial quantities of fish meal, i.e. mackerel, to mariculture reared species poses sustainability problems and puts a strain on the already stretched food chain. Pioneering companies are therefore suggesting the use of alternative proteins to reduce aquaculture companies’ reliance on the world’s oceans to feed the fish we consume. The conference will include a session on ‘Fish nutrition: tradition vs. change’, within which Albert Tacon of Aquatic Farms Ltd will be giving an overview of the recent developments in marine fish nutrition and feed development. 

Technological innovation in the field of farming cages has led to the creation of various projects using untethered pods in deep water to rear fish. The fundamental idea is that these pods allow tidal currents to pass through them, effectively removing any waste products which have accumulated in the cages. Furthermore, they provide an environment closer to that of the wild for the fish and have been said to act as small reefs, attracting other species to settle nearby and increasing biodiversity. Within the session on ‘Developments in offshore Technology’ attendees will hear from InnovaSea, Smart Farms, and Eco Sea who will be discussing the latest that offshore technology has to offer. 

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