Did you miss this year's conference? Download the presentations now!

Conference 2014 day two

More than 55 papers and presentations available to download now, including detailed research papers, data and case studies, all in addition to biographies of speakers from key companies in the industry.

More than 130 fish farmers, researchers, manufacturers, consultants, investors and industry experts from over 18 countries came together at the 5th Offshore Mariculture Conference. All presentations given are now available to download which, together with papers and biographies of all speakers, contain invaluable information.

Highlights include keynote presentations by:

  • Alessandro Lovatelli, Aquaculture Officer, Aquaculture Management and Conservation Service (FIRA), Fisheries and Aquaculture Department, FAO of the UN
  • José Aguilar-Manjarrez, Aquaculture Officer, FIRA and FAO, James McDaid Kapetsky, FAO Consultant and Jeff Jenness, FAO Consultant
  • Paul Holthus, founding President/CEO, World Ocean Council
  • Katherine Hawes, Principal, Aquarius Lawyers “The Fish Lawyer”

Plus papers from the following sessions:

  • Investment in offshore mariculture today
  • Technological innovations for offshore mariculture
  • Stock management
  • Fish nutrition and feed management
  • Integrating offshore mariculture with renewable energy

All papers and presentations given are now available to download, together with biographies of all speakers. All this for only €325/£299! 

View the complete programme, which gives details of all speakers and papers given, here.

For further information about this event or the 6th Offshore Mariculture Conference, please call the Events team on +44 1329 825335 or email conferences@offshoremariculture.com.