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Mercator Media Limited

Mercator Media Ltd is based in Fareham in Hampshire. Established in 1989, the company maintains valued B2B marketplaces centred on the world’s marine infrastructure. It is experienced at creating integrated marketing strategies for clients using a range of channels including print, online, events and research. Some of Mercator’s scheduled events include: Seawork International, Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition and Awards, Offshore Mariculture, GreenPort Congress, The Motorship Propulsion and Emissions Conference, Gas Fuelled Ships Conference. The latest list of Mercator's forthcoming events can be found here: www.mercatomedia.com/events

Worldfishing and Aquaculture

Offshore Mariculture conference is associated with the WorldFishing and Aquaculture publication and website www.worldfishing.net

World Fishing is available in three ways, as the establishedWorld Fishing is dedicated to all aspects of commercial fishing. It provides readers with the latest news and product launches, alongside country profile features, interviews and regular columns from fishery experts. Since 1952, it has been a respected channel of business information which our clients have trusted to deliver their marketing message. It provides readers with authoritative editorial prepared by writers who are experts in their field in an easy to use layout.

World Fishing is available in three ways, as the established monthly magazines in print, by weekly eNewsletter and online at worldfishing.net. These different formats enable readers to receive news and use the information resource in a way that suits them best. It also enables advertising clients to tailor their marketing message through the most effective medium.

World Fishing Magazine

By investing in identifying the key individuals who make purchasing decisions, World Fishing magazine provides advertising clients with access to a high quality audience which is without waste. It has a reader friendly layout and rich editorial content to ensure it is read and kept for future reference. It offers an ideal environment for reinforcing brands, products and services.


With the number of unique visitors now over 10,514 each month, the website is a trusted source of up-to-date news, a fast growing archive and a comprehensive industry directory. It also now incorporates ‘Funnelback’ search technology to enable users to intuitively find what they want, fast.

In 2013 the website had a new look which incorporates ‘responsive’ designs. It can detect the device on which it is being displayed, whether desktop PC, tablet or mobile, and render with the size, layout and resolution that makes it easiest-to-read. These developments make it a great place for clients to stay ‘front of mind’ with their market.

World Fishing eNewsletter

World Fishing weekly eNewsletter provides a round up of the latest news directly to the in-box of more than 6,260 key decision makers. Exclusive sponsorship is available and is an ideal platform for raising company profile or launch new products or services.