The 7th Offshore Mariculture conference, held in conjunction with Inapesca, Conapesca and Sepesca, took place on 6-10 March 2017 in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico.

Organised by Mercator Media Limited, publishers of World Fishing and Aquaculture, with the help of the State Committee for Aquaculture Health and Safety in Baja California, CESAIBC. The conference included the latest legislation, investment and financing opportunities together with the day to day practicalities of running an offshore business.

A day and a half of technical visits to processing facilities, research laboratories, hatcheries and offshore fish farms provided delegates with an insight into their inner workings.

With the Mexican Government pledging US$50-70 million for investment in mariculture, this event attracted farmers and investors looking to set up, expand or invest into this rapidly developing sector. 

The Offshore Mariculture Conference Mexico examined the prospects for and practical solutions to issues around farming offshore in Mexico, and focused on the production of Abalone, Mussels and the offshore farming of marine fin fish. It also provided information about innovative feed solutions and alternatives, opportunities for financing aquaculture projects, the logistics of setting up offshore and how to meet increasing demands for sustainability in today’s society.