The 5th Offshore Mariculture Conference, an international two-day conference focused on the offshore fish farming business, will be held in Naples, Italy on 9-11 April 2014.

The conference will benefit fish farmers who are either growing their offshore fish farming business or it will prove beneficial to those who are looking to move their businesses offshore.

The programme will explore the progress and prospects for offshore aquaculture in both European and international waters and includes a technical visit to a fish farm allowing delegates a comprehensive insight in to how offshore fish farms are operating today.

This is a must attend event for anyone looking to benefit from learning about latest legislation, technical advances and investment opportunities which effect the day to day running and profitability of an offshore fish farming business.

Latest Features, Views & Analysis

OSM 2014 Dinner

The first presentation of day two of the 2014 Offshore Mariculture Conference was delivered by Neil Sims, president of the Ocean Stewards Institute and CEO of Kampachi Farms, who presented his paper on water quality monitoring via telephone from Hawaii.

Fish farm visit

On the third and final day of the Offshore Mariculture Conference 2014 delegates visited the Piscicoltura del Golfo di Gaeta Soc. Coop. Agricola a R.L. (P2G) fish farm, which is situated about a mile off the coast, in the Gulf of Gaeta.

Conference day one

The key theme emerging from the 2014 Offshore Mariculture Conference is that aquaculture is still the future. According to conference chairman, Alessandro Lovatelli, aquaculture officer at the FAO, the maximum sustainable potential from wild capture fisheries been reached, but aquaculture is growing.